Tuesday, 18 January 2022

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Competition for Best Research

In our efforts of encouraging the scientific research initiatives for our student in the Computer Science Departments , proffessor/Esam Alzimzam ran a comptition in his course (Research Methodology and Field Training) for best scientific research in the summer 2018 semester , and the participents are:

Fatima Gaith ,Malak Miqrat , Yusuf Ab Sobaa  , research title (A Mobile Barber Shop)

Mohammed Shabaan ,  research title (Book E-Commerce System)

Aymen Treish, research title (Software Requirements Specification )

Sohaib Alqedary, Taha Alekkari, Salem Algeddafi, research title (Book E-Commerce System)

Abo Baker Algadi, research title (Amazing Lunch Indicator)

and after careful examination of the methodology used in each research , th winner of this competition was the research titled (Software Requirements Specification) By the student Aymen Treish, so congratulation to him for this achievement.

Course Instructor
Esam Alzimzam

استاذ المادة
عصام الزمزام

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